Interface-Design offers tax advisors across
the country through its website.
As design solutions I developed a
series of UI on running themes:
Figma, Invision
- People Search
4 months, 2015
- error page
- Design updates of the home page
- Development of design guidelines
with icons, illustrations
Responsive prototype
Mobile version:
Interface-Design offers online tax-
advisors across the country.
As design solutions I developed a
series of UI for ongoing topics:
- Newsletter (tests for div. devices)
- landing page
- Tax advisor search
- Design optimization of the home
- Extension of the design system
with icons, illustrations
AOL Online
Android Gmail App
iPad Mini
Android 6
Info graphics and illustrations
The goal was to display the previ-
ous, drawn info graphics (see left)
in a way that is also suitable for
scaling and animation.
(example on the right)
The proposed characters (client
and tax consultant) thus also show
in a sympathetic way that at felix1
there are always real people inter-
acting with each other who have
individual ideas.
As a prototype here in Invision Stu-
dio an example of an animation.
Invision Animation
Landing Page
The tax monster appears in various
places on the website, illustrating
the pitfalls of the normal tax return.
Overcome the horror of the docu-
ment chaos with the tax consul-
tants of
Tax Consultant Search
The successful search of tax con-
sultants is an essential feature for
the website.
In addition to the specialist areas,
the searchers have additional
requests, such as filters for lan-
guages or offers for freelancers.